Top Ten Pros and Cons of Working for a Big or Small Company

Deciding whether to go to a large or small company may actually be one of the most important decisions you make while job hunting.

Big Company Pros

  1. You will have a specific role in a department and obvious pathways for promotions
  2. There can be room for upward or sideways growth opportunities without having to leave
  3. Most big companies have legal and HR departments to support you
  4. They usually pay good salaries and have robust benefit packages
  5. “Top Tier” company names look great on your resume — especially if you show a record of progressive responsibility

Big Company Cons

  1. Change happens slowly
  2. You won’t know everyone in the company or even in your department
  3. You have very limited access to upper management
  4. It can be easy to get lost in the crowd, constantly feeling like you’re a tiny part of something overwhelmingly large or faceless.
  5. You can become marginalised into one defined type of role, working on such a tiny part of something that you can damage your appeal to other companies

Small Company Pros

  1. Your successes and achievements are visible, everyone knows when you are doing a good job
  2. Your responsibilities may be more varied so you can develop new skills and knowledge
  3. You will work more closely with the owners, senior managers and investors of the company
  4. Small companies can be more agile and can change direction more quickly
  5. You often get equity or share options in a smaller company

Small Company Cons

  1. If you screw, up everyone in the company will know about it
  2. There is often no legal or HR department to complain to
  3. Salaries may be lower and there may be no benefits
  4. Managers often do not get training on how to treat other employees and subordinates. Also when your boss is a nightmare who do you complain to?
  5. There is no obvious career development path and in a flat structure you might struggle to find a bigger role without looking outside of the company

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