Top Ten Tips for Post Interview Follow Up

Most companies will invite you to have at least six-ten interviews before thy offer you the job. This means you need to be consistent and keep track of your progress for several weeks or months:

  1. Write down everything you remember from the interview, this is very important as you will have other interviews and you need to keep a record of what you have said
  2. Send a ‘Thank You’ email to the people who interviewed you, ideally within 24 hours of the interview taking place
  3. If you didn’t get the email addresses of the people you met, ask the headhunter who presented you or call the company and explain you would like to send them an email/or a card
  4. Make the email more than just a generic thank you: reinforce your strengths, remind the interviewer why you are the ideal candidate for the position, summarize your understanding of the role and articulate how your skills are the right match
  5. It’s easy to list your achievements or skills but if you can expand and use specific personal examples to showcase these skills you will differentiate yourself and make yourself more memorable to the hiring manager
  6. If you have published any research, won an award, organized an event or closed a huge sale which resulted in a press release, send these supporting documents through
  7. Offer to follow up again; if they have said it will take a couple of weeks before the next interview, stay on top of them, send a reminder email to show you are still keen
  8. Make it clear you are willing and eager to do more, whatever they think you need to do in order to convince them you are the right candidate for the job
  9. Suggest you can come in and meet more people in the team, offer to give a presentation, or talk to peers in other parts of the company
  10. Pro-actively demonstrate you want to stay in the process however long this may take

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