Killer Resume Tips

Top Ten Tips For Creating a Killer Resume

Your resume or CV is your calling card. It should encapsulate as much information about you as possible, not through being overly verbose but by being tightly worded and extremely clear. Recruiters and hiring managers, in Hong Kong and all over the world, get thousands of resumes a day. You need yours to stand out and not because it is bright yellow or contains fancy graphics. It is truly amazing how many senior and experienced people send out sloppy resumes including vast amounts of irrelevant information.

  1. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is the same as your resume
  2. Start with an executive summary describing who you are and what you are looking for
  3. Start with your work experience and put your most recent role first
  4. Always double check for grammar and typos
  5. Highlight responsibilities AND achievements for each role
  6. In the Achievements sections, include metrics, facts, figures, $$$ to make you stand out more
  7. Use bullet points throughout your resume as it is more easier to follow than long paragraphs
  8. Keep the format clear and simple, no tables or boxes (recruiters often have to reformat)
  9. Include your personal interests at the end of your resume to show that you have a work-life balance
  10. Keep your resume to 2 pages and make sure that the printed version looks the same as it does on the screen

Although you might think it is time consuming, you really should customize your resume for every job you apply for. If you are in mass job application mode, perhaps have several versions focusing on particular functional roles; One for pure sales roles, one for CRM/Account Management roles and one for Operational roles.