Common Courtesy As Part of Your Job Search

Whether you are actively looking for a new job or just exploring possibilities, part of your process will involve leveraging your personal contacts and referrals to meet with or speak to business owners and industry experts.

Irrespective of how you have been introduced to someone and regardless of the purpose of the meeting, at Pathfinder we always encourage candidates to follow up afterward. An email, a handwritten card, a text message or even a phone call, it doesn’t matter how but it’s really important that you remember to say thank you.


We have clients who will automatically reject candidates who fail to follow up after an interview, not because it’s an indication of the candidate’s interest in the job, but because it’s common courtesy.


I love the flowers, the bottles of champagne and the gift cards some candidates send us but we are more likely to remember the people who didn’t send us any kind of simple thank you message.

Everyone’s time is precious and we always encourage candidates to network, but PLEASE remember to show humility and say THANK YOU every step of the way. Your career is a journey and you will meet hundreds of people as part of your development. Just take five minutes to say thank you as it really makes a difference.

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