Are you considering the right things when you get a new job offer?

At Pathfinder we work with candidates in clients in Asia and North America. Regardless of the seniority or function of a role, there are several criteria that we consistently recommend our candidates carefully consider. Obviously the financial package is important but we believe these more subtle indicators are also incredibly important – definitely in the long term.

Do you respect the hiring manager and do you believe you could learn from and enjoy working with that person? This person should be your primary advocate and coach within the company. If you are in any way unsure about reporting to them you should be very wary of accepting the position. 75% of people resign because of their boss so it matters! Of course there are no guarantees that you will always have the same line manager but at least when you join it should be an important consideration.

Do you believe in the company’s brand and product offering in the market place? You will be associated with the company irrespective of whether you are in a client facing or an internal role. If you don’t think their product offerings are compelling, or you have doubts about their value proposition or corporate integrity, going to work every day becomes very tiring very quickly.

Can you see a clear career path and is there obvious growth potential for you at this firm? However ambitious your are, you should know before you join a company what the likelihood is for promotion or increased seniority. You should also know what structure any internal promotion needs to follow. If you have to wait for three years before you will be considered for a new position, or if the organisation is totally flat, this might not be a good move for you.

What stage of growth is the company at? Is it expanding and actively creating new positions, is it mature and established or is it downsizing? Another consideration is who owns the company? If it is publicly listed or privately owned? Are they in the market to IPO or buy other companies or are they owned by a PE company who is waiting for a specific growth point to dispose of them.

Do you relate to the corporate culture and does it match your own personal values? In addition to believing in the company’s business and value proposition you should also make sure that you can identify and relate to the their values. How do they treat their employees and their clients?

In summary, there is a lot more to consider than the title and the salary before you decide to change jobs and a key factor in this is being self aware and knowing your own values and ambitions are.

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