How to Retain Your Best Talent

It’s that time again; bonuses are being paid and employees start to assess their options. There has been a lot of talk over the past few years about how restless and ‘hoppy’ millennials are; at Pathfinder we think this could become an opportunity to develop and entrench your best talent. In addition to hiring, as a manager, you also have to nurture and engage your people to stop them from leaving. So how can you keep your best employees

1. Show them opportunities and invest in their development

If employees don’t see a future within the company, they will look for better opportunities elsewhere: If you enable them to acquire more skills and progress in their careers, they are far more likely to remain loyal.

Career development and training are attractive to the most talented employees. One way to encourage them to keep progressing is to make it easier for them to study and do assignments. You can reimburse tuition fees and give them paid study leave before exams.

 Value your employees and they will value your clients

Ensure you are providing them with regular reviews and a transparent evaluation system to assess growth and recognize achievements regularly. The best employees will want to be challenged and feel as though they are growing.

 2. Manage with trust

Open communication is essential to build trust and to cultivate a sense of ownership throughout a company. The new style of leadership does not rely on power to force people to do what you want.

Your workforce can clearly see when your motives are selfish or opportunistic and they are less likely to support you. You need to be able to persuade your employees to collaborate with you in pursuit of the company’s mission.

3. Create a great work environment

A work environment that makes people feel included and celebrates diversity will encourage employees to stay. Employees want to enjoy where they work. More companies are looking at the office environment and trying to make it more attractive to retain top talent. 

Onsite fitness centers, Friday happy hours and rewards for successful projects are just some of the ways to show your team you appreciate them. Making sure your office is set up to be an optimal workspace is critically important.

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