Why is My Resume Not Getting Read?

We all know how demoralizing and frustrating searching for a new role can be. Applying online can feel like you are sending your CV into a black hole…Even if you aren’t actively looking, your LinkedIn profile should be 99% the same as your resume. Its also worth reviewing your CV and online profile at least every six months.

The single most important part of your resume is your Executive Summary, whether you call this a Personal Profile, an Executive Bio or an Elevator Pitch, broadly speaking it’s the same thing. It’s the hand-crafted statement at the top of your CV that summarises who you are, what you have done and what you want to do next. It should work as a stand-alone statement without the reader needing to scroll down through your resume to understand you.

It’s where you can showcase your greatest achievements and highlight your transferrable skills. If you don’t know what transferrable skills you have, at Pathfinder, we recommend candidates to take a psychometric test. Call it self-awareness… we believe you have a much better chance of articulating who you are and what you are good at if you have some data to back you up!

An Executive Summary presents YOU, its where you can showcase your skills, accomplishments and abilities to the hiring manager or organization before they start reading your resume. Spend time crafting your Executive Summary for both your CV and your LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn has an algorithm so it’s also important to include relevant industry keywords which will make you easier to find when people are searching for professionals in your field.

Data has shown that CVs with an Executive Summary are more likely to get noticed than those that don’t have one, and also remember that the same statement can be the outline of your Elevator Pitch. So what are you waiting for?

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